MeshWrite 1.4.0

12.4 MB
Operating System
Windows All
Text Editor

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MeshWrite is an ideas note-book for your desktop. Just like a little book you have to jot down ideas and thoughts. You don’t need to save, just close and then re-open and everything is still there. It is designed to be quick to use. Getting your ideas down fast and productively is the aim.

You can drop sticky notes around your ideas pad for "off the wall" ideas. Color them to identify different streams of thought. You can sort them over multiple desks to make your thoughts clearer. A little side window lists your projects and a single click is all you need to swap project. You can arrange your projects into contexts. For example, these projects are about work things, these are for your hobby and these are the jobs around your house. Lists and ideas have never been easier to organize.

Features of MeshWrite

* Lined print outs to make it easier to mark up notes.
* Sticky notes make it easier to bounce thoughts around that don’t fit on your central pad.
* Go full screen for no distractions.
* A place to think.
* Think about content, not style. No fonts no bold just ideas.
* Somewhere that reflects your mood.
* Space to explore your ideas.


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