Saucy French Editor 1.2

Mousseaux Software
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Saucy French Editor 1.2

‘Saucy French Editor’ enables you to overcome the headache of typing a letter or other document in French when you don’t have a French keyboard.  While in ‘Word’ you have to constantly go to ‘Insert Symbol’ and select the correct accented characters, with ‘Saucy French Editor’, all the French characters are in a simple table across the top of the program screen.

A single click and the character is entered on the page.  You can also select two typical French endings for your letters.  Ending F is the formal one, and Ending P is the one for personal letters.

When you’ve finished you can edit your letter further in Word or in Notepad, by simply selecting one of the options in the Menu.   A breeze for anyone who needs to type anything in French occasionally, or regularly.  But whatever you do, DON’T click on the French maid!



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