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Text Cleanser 2.6

Text Cleanser also enables you save the characters you’ve selected for deletion as a profile, so each time you start the application, those characters will be automatically selected. The application facilitates the removal of (almost) automatic certain characters from user input text. The concept is pretty old program, the application in the presence of the second version of this kind, with a new interface and a new algorithm for "cleaning".

This new version introduces two major changes compared to previous version: First application eliminates only the characters chosen by the user (unlike the first version to remove certain characters automatically). Second, cleaning is done this time recursively. So if we want to eliminate the text ‘you’ from the beginning word ‘Tatar’, the result will be ‘tar’, but ‘r’.


What’s new in version 2.6:


  • Fixed a bug in deletion of user defined strings

  • Added a button to check all checkboxes

  • Added a button to completely remove a line containing the user defined string

  • Added support and news menu


What's New

  • Remembers the latest texts you've entered (user defined text)

  • It can automatically load the last one and it can also remove digits


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