Text file Filter and Formatter 1.2

Kieran Greer
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Text Editor

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Text file Filter and Formatter 1.2

This utility program might be helpful for filtering or formatting ASCII text files. It can read .txt or .xml files and is probably most useful for generating ordered lists of words from files of arbitrary text. It can remove the XML tags and any specified words, and reorder the remaining text into an ordered list. It can also perform some basic formatting on the text in a file. For example, it can reformat to a different width, or replace one word or character with another.

The following diagram is a graphic of the application, which has formatted the xml file, also shown. The first option is to remove the XML tags and then common words in the word list are removed. A single column list of words are then created from the separator characters that have been entered as the separator tags. Finally, this list is reordered into a nested ascending order. You can see how the first group starts with numbers and orders ascending up to ‘toast’, before the second group starts, etc. I am not entirely clear where this might be useful. If you want to create structured indexes (ontologies?), you might want to see specific instances of nested sequences in the document, for example.



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