UTFCast Professional

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UTFCast Professional

UTFCast is a tool for Windows that lets you batch convert all text
files to Unicode. It can convert a directory full of text files and
keep the whole directory structure intact.

Key features

  • Super high speed: 100,000 files, sized about 65GB, it only takes UTFCast Professional about 200
    seconds for detection on a mid-end computer. And a file sized about 290MB only
    takes it 7 seconds for conversion. This means in one second, it detects 400-500
    files or converts over 40MB of your files.
  • Multi-Core support: Multi-Core is leveraged to maximize detection and conversion. The only
    bottleneck is your hard disk drive.
  • Automatical text file detection: No matter what the file’s extension is, UTFCast Professional will always
    check whether the file is a text file. Just select a folder, your text files
    will be automatically picked up for conversion.
  • Detect and convert 30+ codepages: Codepages does not need to be specified manually, UTFCast Professional can
    recognize 30+ codepages, such that correct codepage will be automatically
    applied to every text file.
  • Unlimited file size handling: Convert a text file that larger than 1GB, or even 1TB? UTFCast Professional
    can handle this!
  • Easy to use: Click on a menu item only ONCE, UTFCast Professional will convert every text
    file in the folder, output conversion results to another folder, and keep your
    folder structure intact. Nothing could be simpler than this!


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