Visual Comparer 1.70 Build 0496

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Windows All
Text Editor

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The full-functional text editor does line comparing and allows to carry out additional editing of the text while matching. It is done as conveniently and easily as in the usual text editor. Visual Comparer is intended first of all for those who is engaged in software engineering and forced to compare various versions of the source codes frequently. In this product we tried to concentrate the majority of known solutions to simplify and make the process of comparing as convenient possible. It contains the full-function text editor adapted under ideology of files line comparing and allows to carry out additional editing of the text during matching so conveniently and easily as you did it in the usual text editor.

Features of Visual Comparer

· Compare two text files.
· Syntax highlight (C++, JScript, Perl and more).
· Full-function text editor with support of Undo/Redo.
· Line matching engine.
· Support text files in Unicode and UTF-8 formats (unicode version only).
· Support DOS, Unix, Macintosh and mixed "end-of-line" formats.
· Toggle views orientation (horizontal/vertical).
· Running from command line and interactive selection of files at start up; command line parameters: VisCmp.exe "" fully customizable menu, toolbars and key accelerators.
· For more features, see please latest and previuos versions description.


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