xmlBlueprint XML Editor 7.3.1111

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xmlBlueprint XML Editor

XMLBlueprint is a full-featured XML editor that supports the creation and editing of any XML document. XMLBlueprint includes numerous intelligent editing features that help you create well-formed, valid documents quickly and easily. It runs under Windows (Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.). The XML editor supports Unicode on all these platforms, which means you can edit and validate XML documents in almost any language.

Context Senstive XML Completion (‘Code Completion’) — If you have associated your document with a DTD, Relax NG Schema, or XML Schema, XMLBlueprint will suggest a list of permissible components based on your current location in the document. These are visible in a context-sensitive dropdown menu that opens as soon as you start typing. You can select the required element from the dropdown menu. The closing bracket is automatically set, as well as any required attributes or child elements.

Validation — At any time during the editing process, you can click the validate icon or hit F8 to validate your document. XMLBlueprint reports an error in the output window below the editor. Clicking the red error message jumps to the error, even if the error is in another file. You can validate against a DTD, Relax NG Schema, or XML Schema.


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