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EA Install
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EA Install Free Edition

EA Install is a program to create an installer for MetaTrader Expert
Advisors. It has some features custom tailored for its specific
function: auto-detecting and installing to multiple MetaTrader
installations, strong encryption, serial number protection, anti-tamper
mechanism, handling shortcuts and uninstaller.

Key Features:

Both Free Edition and Professional Edition of EA Install share some common key features, including:

  • The generated installer is packed in one single file.
  • Uninstaller included, shown in Windows’s Add/Remove Programs.
  • Can detect and install to one or more MetaTrader installations at once.
  • Can detect if a MetaTrader program is running.
  • Create program shortcuts in Start Menu (uninstall, readme, license info, what’s new, website, contact email).
  • Built-in editor for Readme, License Info, What’s New documents.
  • Support for Expert Advisors, Custom Indicators, and Scripts.
  • Secure encryption with industry standard 128 bits auto generated keys.
  • Anti tampering mechanism, protecting your content from being illegally cracked.
  • Support for MetaTrader 4 or later versions.
  • The generated installer runs on Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista operatings systems.

Additional Features

The Professional Edition has some additional features over the Free Edition, including:

  • Custom banner picture.
  • Custom icon.
  • Serial number protection, including a tool to generate random serial numbers based on your criteria.
  • Can override user’s MetaTrader Expert Advisors settings such as
    Allow Live Trading, Allow DLL Linking, Allow Calling to Other Expert
    Advisors, etc.
  • No link to EAInstall.com in the generated installer.


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