Golden Keylogger v2.02

KMiNT21 Software
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Golden Keylogger

Keyloggers get a lot
of bad rap because they spy on people. But this keylogger is a good
one. In fact, Golden Keylogger is Net’s only family-friendly keylogger.
What gives us the right to make this claim? Because the only reason
Golden Keylogger was created in to protect you and your family, not to
spy on people.

If you have teenage son or daughter (some of us have
both), then you know how crazy they are about chatting and instant
messaging. We know that it’s not all that innocent. TV news are packed
with stories when strangers tried to take advantage of innocent
children by using internet chats and IM (instant messaging). The
problem is so big that FBI has a task force that works 24 hours a day
365 days a year. Another problem that recently got a lot of publicity
is bullying and name-calling with instant messengers. While your kids
may not be honest with you about who they are chatting with and what
they discuss, you have the way to know exactly what’s going on without
invading your kids’ privacy. How? Golden Keylogger!

After the software is installed, it will record every single keystroke,
together with the name of the program it was typed in. So you will have
full transcripts of chatting and IM sessions, e-mails, names of
websites entered. You can even know if your child used a credit card to
purchase something online. You can easily configure the program so your
kids or spouse will never know it is running. Plus, there are two ways
to view information gathered with this keylogger. First, you can view
it with PC it is installed at. Second, you can set the program up to
e-mail you these reports regularly (say, every day or 12 hours). So you
can be away in your office and know what your kids are planning,
whether a backpacking trip is really going to be "this huge party in
the desert with bunch of dope and booze" and if your child has some
real problems he or she feels talking uncomfortable about but needs
help with. Download Golden Keylogger now!


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