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mst RealDelete

Security has a very important role nowadays. But of much higher importance is data security. Another concern of data security is ensuring the impossibility of recovering already deleted sensitive corporate data. This is particularly interesting e.g. in cases when computers from security and secrecy dependant areas have to be repaired by 3rd parties.

Using mst RealDelete, it is possible, for the first time, to select partitions where deleted files will be really deleted, for ever. No un-delete software will ever be able to regain data deleted by mst RealDelete. The special feature of mst RealDelete is simple: no need to do things manually. Just define a partition mst RealDelete is to be active on, from then all deleted files will be definitively erased by wiping – completely transparent. mst RealDelete integrates with the operating system, and can be used on server systems accessed from corporate networks.



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