Windows Live Family Safety 14.0.8064.0206

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Operating System
Windows All

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Windows Live Family Safety - Standalone Windows Live Family Safety - Update

Help protect your kids online

With Family Safety, you decide how your kids experience the Internet. Limit searches, monitor and block or allow websites, and decide who your kids can communicate with in Windows Live Spaces, Messenger, or Hotmail.

To each his own

Having each child log in to the PC using their own Windows account means they each get their own settings, and you get different reports and filters for each child.

Filter out the bad stuff

Web filtering helps you protect your kids from the online content you don’t want them to see, with individualized settings for each child.

See what they’re doing

Detailed activity reports show you the websites each child visited (or tried to visit), what programs they used, and how much time they spent on the computer.

Who’s your new friend?

Built-in contact management lets you decide exactly who your kids can talk to in Windows Live Spaces, Messenger, and Hotmail.

Change settings online

Just go online to the Family Safety website to customize each child’s safety settings, so it’s easy to manage even when you’re not home.


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