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Capture Text

Capture Text is a full-featured text recognition software (screen capture solution). It was designed specifically to meet the demands of those who works with large amount of texts and prizes their time to spend it on endless typing.
How often were you in the situation when you needed to save some data but wasn’t able to do it because words or figures were protected by some script of just cannot be copied? Well, here’s the tool that will help you to avoid all these problems and settle them once and for all.
Capture Text recognizes any text that displayed on the screen and saves it to clipboard, so you can work with it.

Features of Capture Text

* Recognizes text in any type of document (HTML, Word, Notepad, PDF, BMP or JPG image) or in any part of the screen and saves it to clipboard.
* Recognizes text that cannot be saved or printed.
* Recognizes text in any language that cannot be saved or printed.
* Recognizes "hidden" text ignoring blocking scripts on Internet pages.
* Reads selected text in documents, emails or Internet pages.
* Works with virtually any proportional and fixed typeface.
* Properly works with character sizes 6 to 72 point.
* Works with all American and European character sets, including the Central-European and Cyrillic.
* Selects the text with rectangular selection tool, window selection, scrolling window selection or graphic selection.
* Fully integrates with word processing tools.


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