CPUCooL 8.1.0

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CPU Cool costs you much LESS than other programs and its unique, to result the same features that cpu cool offers u would need to combine several other programs like a cpu cooler. Display’s the temperatures, fan speed, voltages, system values (Data input and output) and SDRAM’s contents, cooling for Windows and change the frequency of your PC.

Features of CPUCooL

· Windows Vista Sidebar gadget
· Intel / AMD CPU Core temperature readout
· ATI grafic cards readout
· ATI grafic cards readout (new feature since7.3.3)
· ACPI (new feature since 7.3.0)
· ACPI tables could be read out. These contain temperature and power consumption which could be made visable. The feature is mostly for notebook users as the ACPI tables are normally not filled out in destop mainboards
· S.M.A.R.T
· The Self Monitoring And Reporting Technology enables you to see the harddisk parameters. It includes a temperature readout of the harddisk. Until now only normal harddisks are supported. RAID and SCSI systems are not yet supported due to a missing microsoft driver extension. But there are no programs that support RAID / SCSI systems on the market
· Change the FrontSideBus
· With this option you can vary the CPU frequency. Many mainbords support setting the FrontSideBus via SMBus. It is for these motherboards I have added this feature. It is for experienced users only and only at your own risk! Details
· Shutdown by simple keystroke


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