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HS WinPerfect

HS WinPerfect is a useful Windows system optimizer that cleans hard-disk and system registry, optimizes memory, tunes-up system specific settings, accelerates internet connection, improves cpu usage, manages security and backup issues and uninstalls software.

Features of "HS WinPerfect":


■ Check and fix any hard-disk problems including bad sectors and file system problems.
■ Clean drives from files left aside and unused including internet cookies, temporary files and caches.
■ Removes duplicate files on the disks
■ Clean system registry from uninstalled software junks
■ Safe uninstall of selected software from your system.
■ Manage installed system services.
■ Schedule execution of modules.


■ Add and Manage System Restore Points
■ All modifications and cleaning may be restored at a later time, if security button is checked.
■ Internet Explorer and Outlook Express tweaking to increase security

■ Administer and improve CPU usage of running applications
■ Clean computer memory from unnecessary data enabling programs run faster
■ Speed up and optimize internet connection settings.
■ Terminate selected unwanted multiple processes.
■ Ability to remove applications from start-up list to disable automatic execution of programs
■ Increase system performance

■ Advanced tasks and tweaks can be applied to tune-up system in simple usage. They detect the system, and behave accordingly.
■ Ability to clean clipboard memory
■ Auto-detecting low memory and boost performance by refreshing memory space.
■ Increase free disk space
■ Optimize selected folder or drive so that its content can be accessed more quickly

What's New

  • Added: Path information for Services
  • Updated: Processes module for Windows 7
  • Updated: Information of entries in Startup module
  • Updated: System Information module for newest available configurations


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