Systerac XP Tools 4.03a

Systerac Tools
10.6 MB
Operating System
Windows Xp
Tweaking Software

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Systerac XP Tools

Systerac XP Tools present 18 valuable tools that help you tweak your windows xp for optimum performance. With the touch of a button you will be able to immediately identify any problems and weak points and correct them with the safety that only Systerac can guarrantee.

Systerac XP Tools are an amateur and professional’s tool for optimizing windows xp performance, identify problems and bottlenecks and make sure that your PC is running at top efficiency and speed. Tweak your XP for optimal results.

What you can do

  • Remove unneded files to maximize available space.
  • Increase PC Speed and drive reliability.
  • Remove invalid data to clean your Windows registry.
  • Improve overall speed and stability.
  • Improve ReadyBoostTM speed.
  • Increase Internet speed by optimizing your connection.
  • Boot faster by eliminating unneded startup files.
  • Find and fix problems on your hard drive.
  • View a complete list of your PC’s hardware and devices.
  • Protect your privacy by removing your tracks.
  • Remove files so they can never be recovered again.



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