Voice Finger 2.1

Robson Cozendey
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Windows 7 Windows Vista
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Voice Finger 2.1

Voice Finger is a software tool that enables you to control your mouse and keyboard just using your voice, in the fastest possible way.

Instead of using the Windows default speech recognition way of clicking at a point on the screen, which requires a lot of sucessive commands, Voice Finger uses a 44 x 44 grid to click anywhere on the screen, most of the time with just one command. With Voice Finger, you do not need to use sucessive voice commands to click at the right spot, you can click any spot on the screen often with a single command.

In the Keyboard Mode, you use short commands to type and navigate the cursor. Just to take a couple of examples, instead of the Windows default voice command "Press A", in Voice Finger you just say "A", and instead of saying "Press down thirty times", in Voice Finger commands are like "Down thirty". With short and direct commands anywhere, the user does more work and avoid tiredness.



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