Active Directory Query Utility 2008 3.5.2

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Active Directory Query Utility 2008

Microsoft Active Directory is a phenomenal service and part of what makes it so nice is the information it stores about the computers, users, printers, and servers on your network. For most support technicians, getting to this information required a good deal of learning, scripting or using tools that were not very intuitive. Managers, project managers and other professionals can feel out of the loop on the status of their environment.

Active Directory no longer has to remain a mystery. The Active Directory Query Utility gives everyone the ability to search for, view and export information in their AD environment with ease. Our unique interface eliminates the need for an extensive understanding of AD and makes searching easy by providing a familiar and intuitive environment that is fitting for both novice and expert.
    Advanced Querying Features

Whether you simply need to find a user name that starts with "mich" or querying against a custom Active Directory property this tool has you covered.

One of the unique features of the Active Directory Query Utility is the ability to query against a list of items, not just one item. For example, let’s say you have a list of different computer names that are responsible for increased network traffic. You can search against the list of computer names and return a result set with only their information. This might include their line of business, manager, last logon date and other information that has been stored in AD.
    Powerful Unique Features!

    *      Familiar Windows File Based Search interface
    *      Tabbed Search Results view
    *      Query Against Custom AD Properties
    *      Attach to Other Domains and Forest for Searching
    *      Query Against a Custom List of Values
    *      View Individual Object Properties
    *      Export Properties and Group Membership



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