Nokia DKU-5 cable driver Version 1.24

12.57 MB
Operating System
Windows Xp
USB Driver

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DKU-5 cable driver

Install the driver to establish a cable connection between your compatible Nokia phone and a compatible PC with a Nokia Connectivity Adapter Cable DKU-5.With the Connectivity Adapter Cable DKU-5 you can connect your Nokia phone to a USB compatible PC for data transfer. You can synchronise data (for example, a calendar, phone book or a to-do list) between your phone and a compatible organiser software by using the PC Suite software supplied with the phone.

Before downloading and installing the driver, make sure the cable is disconnected from your PC. After downloading and installing the driver, get its companion software, Nokia PC Suite. PC Suite lets you synchronize and store phone data with your PC. Find the correct version for your phone from PC Suite download.

Installation Intructions: When the cable is connected for the first time, Windows XP activates he "Found New Hardware Wizard" to assist you with the installation f both the cable adapter and the virtual COM port. If Windows logo error messages are displayed during the installation process, click Continue anyway" to complete the installation for both devices.


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