CamCamX 1.6

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CamCamX 1.6

CamCamX is a webcam video mixer. Mix LIVE TV webcasts using only your Mac, iSight, pictures and movie files. Plug in one or more extra USB webcams for more elabore shoots. Mix directly as you upload to Youtube or Facebook. No editing, rendering or movie creation. Perform live. Or mix to a XVGA projector. You get the idea.

CamCamX also makes non-Apple webcams iSight compatible (via emulation). Works with DotMatrix, Facebook, Youtube, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, PhotoBooth, QuickTime Pro, Stickam, Flash Chat-enabled web sites, and many more. In keeping with our retro-theme, CamCamX is designed after an 80s style two input video mixer. Easy and fun to use. Record live video mixes directly with iRecord or QuickTime Pro, or VJ live out over Yahoo Messenger, webchat or Skype.

CamCamX is also fast. Each pixel from the hardware device is copied just once, no matter how many camera applications are running. You may find that your favorite cam apps load and run faster. CamCamX can adjust the incoming camera picture for very low light environments, allowing you to chat in almost total darkness. Spice up your webcam broadcasts by sending movie clips or still pictures. Pause your camera feed when you step away.

Improvements in this Version:

  • Improved performance/latency of camera driver.
  • Fixed bugs with audio sync/drift when recording with QT Pro.
  • Mix output to secondary display/fullscreen.
  • Save/restore additional mixer state on quit/open.
  • Cosmetic changes.


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