D-Vision 3.22

Ludovic Paquot
28 MB
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D-Vision 3.22

D-Vision is a GUI for mencoder/mplayer. D-Vision is better as :

  • the new GUI and the automatism of D-Vision 3 make it easier to use.
  • the totally rewritten code make D-Vision more stable.
  • the tasks manager allow you to program many encoding and processing.

Features :


D-Vision is composed of two different parts. The first part, which is
the one available by default when launching the software, is made for:

  • encoding DVD movies in Divx, Xvid or h264.
  • extract sound of a DVD in MP3 or AC3.

The second part of D-Vision is composed of some tools which allow you to:

  • encode AVI and MPG files in Divx, Xvid or h264
  • cut AVI files
  • merge AVI or VOB files
  • encode audio file in MP3 or AC3
  • modify fourcc code of an AVI file
  • embed subtitles from a SRT file on a movie (MPG or AVI)
  • demux OGM files

D-Vision is not made for :

In his third
version, D-Vision can’t encode .mov and .dv files. If you need a
software for this, you could try D-Volution (available on this site
D-Vision 3 can’t process directly protected DVD. You need to rip it on
your hard drive with another software like Mac The Ripper, DVDBackup,
OSex or Yade X.

OpenSource software

D-Vision uses some open source softwares to process some tasks :

  • mencoder/mplayer for encoding
  • ffmpeg for some audio tasks
  • tcprobe, avimerge, avisplit et avifix for some process on avi files
  • ogmdemux for demuxing OGM files


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