Mac BlurayRipper Pro 1.0.1

Blumac Softwares
5.9 MB
Operating System
Demo Shareware

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Mac BlurayRipper Pro 1.0.1

Easiest way to get Bluray on your Mac.

Enjoy the latest in video and media entertainment with the help of Mac Bluray Ripper Pro. It is now easier and faster than ever to extract Blurays to your hard drive. Watching your Blurays has never been this convenient. Use VLC Media Player to watch them on your Mac or Handbrake to convert them for your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV. Convenience at your fingertips!

It is now easier than ever to watch your Blurays on the go. No more need to carry cumbersome Blurays and cases. Your laptop is now sufficient to get the full Bluray experience. This is true portability!

Blurays can be expensive and life is full of surprises. Making a backup of your Bluray collection prevents the loss of your favorite movies due to scratches or any other unexpected events. It’s like insurance for your Bluray library!

Not enough time to enjoy your rentals? No need to worry anymore. By having them on your hard drive you can enjoy them whenever you want at your own pace. Ready when you are!

Get the most out of your laptop battery. By having your Bluray on your hard drive, than your battery lasts longer than if the Bluray is read from the Bluray drive. Hence you enjoy real entertainment even longer.



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