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Macvide FlashVideo Converter

The FlashVideo Converter is a powerful and versatile program for converting any flash video file to one of many popular video formats including iPhone/iPod mp4, Mobile .3gp and MPEG2. Converted movies can be saved for custom editing, or recorded for use in DVD players, or on iPod, iPhones and other mobile devices. Download a free trial version of FlashVideo Converter today.

Convert flash videos to MOV or MPEG2 format. Video has become a mainstay on the web. And flash is quickly becoming the format of choice for video on the web. Having a good flash to video converter is a necessity. Flash videos collected from the web can be converted into video files such as MOV for editing into your projects and sharing on your iPod or iPhone, or converted to MPEG2 for DVD player compatibility.

Convert flash videos to .3gp format. 3G mobile devices are soon to be standard issue for any business professional. With the FlashVideo converter you can convert flash video files to .3gp format for playing on these devices. Convert flash videos to MP4 or MOV format for sharing on your iPhone and iPod. You can distribute important video conferences that have been recorded and cnverted, share iPhone/iPod mp4, motivational sales presentations downloaded from the web, get the video message out to your team immediately on your 3G network or with your iPod or iPhone.

What’s more the FlashVideo Converter allows you to adjust the codec parameters to control the size and quality of the output video. Adjust the resolution, quality, and audio settings of the conversion to customize your results. The well-designed user interface allows you to control the video while the FlashVideo Converter is capturing the movie. The FlashVideo Converter gives you the power to use flash videos in nearly any way you need. Download the FlashVideo Converter today.

The FlashVideo Converter converts to several popular video formats:

  • .3gp
  • .MP4
  • .MOV
  • .MPEG2
  • .MPEG

The FlashVideo Converter is a robust, full-featured utility:

  • Modify codec parameters
  • Adjust the size of the output video file
  • Preview Flash Movie
  • Control the video during the capture process

FlashVideo Converter converts flash videos to popular formats for:

  • Editing
  • Sharing and playing on iPhone and iPod
  • Sharing on 3G mobile devices
  • Playing on DVD players


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