Mazaika 1.0

Boris A. Glazer
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Mazaika 1.0

Mazaika is a photo mosaic tool. It can create pictures made of other pictures. Every region of the source image is replaced with some image from a collection, that most closely resembles the original image. When searching for an appropriate image Mazaika considers not only the overall color of the source image part but also takes into account the inner color and the brightness distribution within.

The more pictures in your collection – the more accurate the match. The more different colors and brightnesses in the pictures in the collection – the more accurate the match. In the gallery section you can see some source pictures rendered with different collections.

Mazaika can consider small parts of the tile pictures to make up detailed parts of the larger picture. This means that two or more tiles may work together to correctly represent a section of the big picture. Mazaika is the only photo mosaic program that allows you manualy change single tiles if you don’t like them.

Mazaika for Mac included a trial version of Mazaika with built in context help system. To start using Mazaika you need to create a library. You will be prompted to create the library from your iPhoto pictures or may select some folders with images located at your hard drive. 


  • Real time color correction and blending in the main screen.
  • Option to Correct Tile Colors.
  • Option to Sharpen Tiles in mosaic.
  • Allows you to save a really huge files up to 10Gb and more.
  • Context help system.
  • Wizard type interface.
  • Zoom in/out view of the mosaic.
  • Right click popup to show candidates for current cell.
  • Right click popup menu to view original tile image.
  • Smart rendering mode to fill key image areas first.
  • Manual rendering mode to change single tiles if you don’t like them.
  • Repetition tiles count control.
  • Use All Pics rendering option.
  • Tile resampling for best output quality.
  • Optional blend tiles with original image.
  • Custom cropping adjustments for tile library.
  • Custom sampling resolution.
  • Forced library option.
  • Batch mosaic process for all images in the folder.


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