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Pillage 1.2.1

Pillage 1.2.1 details

This is a GUI controller for CDParanoia (running within Terminal),
to rip cds securely. After you rip the CDs with Pillage, Pillage
imports the files to iTunes, where it automatically tags each file with
proper track information.

Our friends using the Linux operating system have
an excellent programs for ripping proper, secure (read:
glitch/error/pop free) sound files from their CDs: CDParanoia. While
not the prettiest program in the world (the application runs via a
shell, with no real graphical user interface [gui]), it does the
job…and very well.

What Pillage essentially does is bypass
iTunes for ripping CDs. You put a CD into your Mac, and set the info
you want for the Song Name and Song Artist fields in iTunes. Switch to
Pillage, enter the remaining info in the "Rip CDs Here" panel, and "Rip

What’s New in this Version

– Left a bad line of code in the app. Sorry everyone.

– Completely updated to work with iTunes 8.1.1! If you have been
waiting for Pillage to work with iTunes 8, the wait is (finally) over!

– Many bug fixes. Changes to the base code. An overhaul. Grab, and enjoy!

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
  • iTunes v7.2 or newer
  • CDParanoia binary installed (links to the binary are within the Pillage page)


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