PowerTunes 1.1.3

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PowerTunes 1.1.3

PowerTunes is a handy tool that helps you to organize multiple iTunes libraries and music folders on your Mac operating system. It has some interesting features that are as follows:

  • At the Library: Create multiple iTunes libraries, instead of having all your music in a single library
  • Clean it Up: Find orphaned tracks in your music folder and add them back to your library or throw ’em in the trash
  • Deadbeat Club: Got tracks whose files are missing? Hook them back up or delete them quickly and easily.
  • The Urge to Merge: Merge entire libraries together into one
  • Bust a Move: Move your music folder to another location in one easy step
  • Please Remember: PowerTunes remembers which music folder of your libraries uses, so you don’t have to
  • Copy Cat: Copy songs and playlists between libraries while retaining all your play counts, ratings, and other data
  • Share My World: One click sharing of your library among multiple users on your machine
  • Paradise by the Dashboard Light: Easily open your libraries directly from Dashboard 

Change Log:

  • When adding a library to PowerTunes, if a media folder cannot be determined for the library, we now ask the user to locate it
  • Added an option to compare bitrate and file type when looking for duplicates
  • Media files located inside iTunes LP .itlp and iTunes Extras .ite packages are no longer listed when using the "Find Orphans" command
  • We now display the iTunes U playlist in its proper location instead of among the regular playlists
  • We now display a confirmation message before moving orphans to the trash
  • The "Find Libraries" command is no longer disabled when the library list is empty
  • Improved speed when copying playlists with a small number of tracks
  • Fixing dead tracks with the "Leave new file in its current location" option with iTunes 9 now preserves the "Date Added" field
  • Trying to add a library to PowerTunes when that library is already open by another copy of iTunes on a remote machine no longer produces an error
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when removing a library from PowerTunes


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