Solo Performer Show Controller 4.4

Alien Apparatus Company
62.6 MB
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Demo Shareware

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Solo Performer Show Controller 4.4

Create play lists of to serve as background audio for your solo show. Audio can be routed from your computer to a mixer and PA system.Audio may be in any of the following formats: MP3, MIDI, AIFF, or Wave. A MIDI file may be played as if it were an audio file, or may be sent to an external MIDI device for playback there. MIDI files may also have selected tracks suppressed from playback.

Lyrics can be displayed either full-screen or in a window. Click the foot controller button to switch back and forth between views.Use the lyric editor to create lyric displays or use it to show notes to display while playing. Program MIDI effects units to change automatically by creating program change and control message sequences

Assign a MIDI events sequence to any play list item and have your existing MIDI gear react to the audio’s timing. MIDI files added as play list items can be played back as rendered audio or may be sent to an external MIDI device.

The foot controller serves as the light control hardware, so no additional hardware is required. All you need to supply are the lights and the cables. 32 channels of DMX512 lighting are provided. MIDI lighting can also be controlled using the computer system’s MIDI interface. Standard PAR-type lights may also be used with a DMX512 or MIDI dimmer pack. A library of over 200 common lights is provided and it is easy to create your own device file to support any DMX512 or MIDI device.



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