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Subliminal Image Pro

Subliminal Image Pro (SIP) helps you explore the idea of subliminal images. Does it work? You decide. SIP flashes images in the center of the display on top of everything. Images can be grouped into categories; images displayed are selected from images that are checked in list or random order.

When you launch Subliminal Image Pro you see the Control Panel. Set the top slider for the on-screen time (1 ms [1/1000 of a second] to 50 ms). Set the middle slider for the period between flashes (5 to 60 seconds) and set the bottom slider for the darkness of the image. Choose whether images should be chosen in list order or at random. Above, you see that the on-screen time is set for 1 ms, the period between flashes is set for 40 sec, the darkness is set for 50% and images are set to be selected at random. At the top of the Control Panel there is a checkbox to click if you want the SIP Control Panel to be minimized immediately after launch. Note: Minimize the Control Panel by clicking on the small yellow button at the top left of the window and let SIP run as you work in other applications. If you minimize SIP by using the Menu bar (Subliminal Image Pro > Hide), the images will not continue to flash while you use other applications.

At the first launch of Subliminal Image Pro, a folder titled "SIPPictures" is created in your Users/~/Document folder. Copy images that you want to use with Subliminal Image Pro into the SIPPictures folder. Images may be jpg, tif, tiff, png or gif formatted files. Files must use the appropriate suffix (e.g., FileName.jpg, FileName.tif, FileName.tiff, FileName.png, or FileName.gif). Images in the Image Maintenance window (accessed from the menu bar) are synchronized with images in the "SIPPictures" folder at launch. New images are added at the bottom of the list. Deleted files are removed from the list.

Because a display’s width is wider than its height, it is best to use landscape formatted images. However, you may use portrait format images that are smaller (in pixels) than the display height resolution. If you use portrait formatted images that are larger than the display height resolution, the images may be rotated.


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