Xilisoft iPod Rip for Mac 2.00.59

Xilisoft Inc.
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Xilisoft iPod Rip for Mac

To help you manage iPod on Mac, Xilisoft iPod Rip for Mac makes it
easy to backup iPod, iPod touch 3.0, copy music, video, movie, photo,
podcast and TV program from iPod to Mac and Mac to iPod. File transfer
from iPod to iTunes (including iPod touch FW 3.0 to iTunes 8.2)
is also supported with this Mac iPod copy tool. The program can also be
used to manage iPhone, iPhone OS 3.0, and all formats compatible with
iPod and iPhone are supported.

Using the Mac
iPod rip software, you can edit, create and delete iPod playlist in
simple operations. It also allows you to manage several iPods at the
same time and just drag and drop to transfer and share music, movies
and photos. Everything is so simple and you deserve this Mac iPod rip,
iPod backup software to free from daily iPod copy.


  • Backup iPod file to Mac (iPod touch FW 3.0 supported)
    You can easily and fast backup iPod music, movie and photo on your Mac with the iPod copy tool.
  • Transfer file on Mac to iPod (iPod touch FW 3.0 supported)
    Choose the movie, music or photo you like on your Mac machine and directly put it on iPod through the iPod manager.
  • Copy iPod file to iTunes (iTunes 8.2 supported)
    The software allows to copy iPod music, movie and photo from iPod to
    iTunes library to help you manage your multimedia library.
  • Share music between iPods/iPhone
    You can manage up to 26 iPods and one iPhone independently at the same
    time and drag and drop files among them to share music, movie and photo.



What's New

  • Support iPhone OS 3.0, iPod touch Firmware 3.0.


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