Zebra 2.5

Urs Heckmann
20 MB
Operating System

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One of the nicest things about Zebra is its user interface engine. You can scale the interface in 7 steps between the size of a stamp and the size of a 30 inch display. You can also switch between themes for the interface and so we’ve bundled the popular Unempty Dark Horse skin. More themes are available on the net and with patch banks. Zebra’s user interface is split into two tabbed panes. It organizes its modules in an intuitive and usable manner. You’ll be thrilled to see how the complexity of thousands of parameters can be tamed by clever ui design!

Here you see the performance pane. – It sports the 4 XY-controls which can "morph" up to 16
synthesis and effects parameters each in realtime. Each XY can be named individually for each preset, along with a little description what it does. On the bottom left you can see some global parameters, such as voices
used, playmode (poly/retrigger/legato/arpeggiator), Portamento (with
Range), global tuning (incl. Microtuning table from .tun files) and a
global Swing parameter that puts any modulation and the arpeggioator
into a groove! On the right hand side of the global parameters you
can see the freely routable effects. Each effects is worth a plug-in of
its own, making Zebra2’s effect section one of the most flexible and
best quality sound aftermaths ever implemented in a synthesizer!




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