Microsot Visual Developer 2008

2.68 MB
Operating System
Windows All
Web Development

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Visual Web Developer

Tools to Design Web Pages –

  • Use the new Split View pane which shows both the visual designer as well as the corresponding markup
  • Build CSS enabled pages with the new Manage Styles and CSS Properties windows to easily design, preview, and apply CSS styles to your Web page
  • Build JavaScript & AJAX-enabled applications with JavaScript IntelliSense, formatting and debugging and built-in support for ASP.NET AJAX
  • Download the free AJAX Control Toolkit which includes over 30 AJAX controls including rounded corners, drop shadows, animation, ratings, slide shows, and more

Easily Build Data-Driven Web sites –

  • Build applications using LINQ (Language Integrated Query) which adds data querying capabilities for SQL Server, XML, and objects to Visual Basic and Visual C#
  • Use new data controls like the List View control and the LINQ Data Source control to build dynamic Web pages
  • Easily Publish and Share
  • Use the built-in Copy Web Site tools to publish both ASP.NET pages and SQL Server databases to any hoster that supports FTP or FrontPage Server Extensions

Install the entire Microsoft Web Platform including the lastest version of Visual Web Developer, SQL Server Express, Silverlight Tools and IIS and ASP.NET Extensions.

  • Get your personal Web site up-and-running quickly using ASP.NET Starter Kits like the DotNetNuke portal kit, the Personal Site kit, the Blog Engine kit, or the Club Site kit
  • Build custom Facebook applications using the Facebook Developer Toolkit which includes easy-to-use .NET classes for Facebook friends, groups, events, and more
  • Use the Coding4Fun Development Toolkit’s Web service wrappers to easily connect to popular Web services like Amazon, Digg, and Flickr



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