Momindum Studio 1.5.1

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Momindum Studio 1.5.1

Momindum Studio is a next generation FREE Rich Media authoring software for creating, editing, enriching and broadcasting Rich Media presentations. It allows you to create presentations including a video synchronized to any kind of document: slides, texts, pictures, animation, and much more. The Deep Tagging technology enables you to watch the exact instant of a video presentation and share your knowledge with a large audience.

Momindum Studio is easy-to-use, fast and efficient software. It integrates videos with all types of additional learning resources such as PowerPoint, websites, Word documents, PDF documents, Flash animations, Flash Paper, pictures, etc.. Publish your Rich Media presentations on CD-Rom, DVD-Rom, Jump Drive, Internet (in video streaming format), Intranet, .CSV format (for your databases).


  • Synchronization:
    • Install Momindum Timecoder automatically in PowerPoint and record your slideshow in a single click
    • Create your presentation with already synchronized video
    • Automatically Import the outline and the keywords from your presentation
  • Slides & Documents:
    • Synchronize your video with any types of documents
    • Enrich your presentation with websites, pictures, text, HTML pages, PDF documents, Flash animations and much more!
    • Import your quiz, exercises and modules to rich media presentation
  • Outline & keywords:
    • Index your presentation in a linear fashion while automatically creating the outline of your PowerPoint
    • Automatically create our presentation outline
    • Create a list of keywords to easily access the relevant part of the presentation
  • Publication:
    • Broadcast your presentation offline on CD-Rom or Intranet
    • Broadcast your presentation online with or without streaming or by allowing downloading
    • Publish your presentation with SCORM standard and integrate your presentation within LMS platforms
  • Customization:
    • Choose your favorite format and design for your Rich Media presentation
    • Enhance the attractivness of the interface with the color of your choice
    • Respect your identity by inserting your logo and publishing in various languages


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