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001Micron Back Link Checker

Backlink checker software is an extremely useful tool designed
specifically for the user who wants to check back link status of
website on various different publisher sites. Inbound link checker
alert the user via an email if website is unavailable, link status is
not found or page can not be open.


  • Software checks and monitors the status of backlinks of your websites.
  • Uses an absolutely legitimate way to find the obtained backlinks.
  • Measure of your websites importance on the web and overall visibility.
  • Inline checker software helps the users to rank better in the search engine.
  • Quantifiably link popularity analyzer find direct link, java script link or other link.
  • Fast and easy to use tool provides multiple checking of back link
    status of any websites instead of checking it manually (one by one).
  • Link tracking utility shows your backlink indexed in the publisher sites.
  • User style family wizard software can easily be handled by the layman user.
  • Software generates report in HTML or TXT format.



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