ActFax 4.20 Build 0219

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ActFax - 32 bit ActFax - 64 bit

The high scalability of ActFax allows efficient usage of the software for small installations with just a few workstations and a single fax line, as well as large installations with thousands of users and more than 60 simultaneous fax lines. ActFax now displays a dialog window asking for the recipient (or a list of recipients) of the message on the screen. Central and private phone books assist the user in that case.

Features of ActFax

· Terminal Server and Citrix support
· Complete client/server architecture
· Centralized data storage on the fax server
· Data access from every workplace in the network
· Sophisticated user, group and security concept
· Support of all common fax modems (fax class 1, 1.0, 2 and 2.0), ISDN adapters and Brooktrout/Cantata and Intel/Dialogic fax boards (list of recommended modems)
· Support of V.34 Fax (Super G3) for transfer rates of up to 33,600 bps
· Support of VoIP/FoIP (Voice over IP/Fax over IP) with Eicon "Diva Server SoftIP" software
· Unlimited number of fax lines (modems)
· Free technical support and software updates available for free download
· Faxing and emailing from any Windows application through native printer driver
· Faxing and emailing from UNIX and Linux through LPD/LPR, FTP, TFTP and RAW-TCP-Port connections as well as import from the file system
· Automatic routing of received fax messages with extension numbers (DDI, MSN, DID), station id (CSID) and line routing
· Automatic printing of received fax messages and sending reports on different printers per user
· Automatic forwarding of fax messages by email, also to multiple email addresses
· Automatic export of fax messages


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