BatchXSLT for InDesign 14.00

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(Win) BatchXSLT for InDesign 14.00 (Mac) BatchXSLT for InDesign 14.00

BatchXSLT for InDesign is a One-Touch Document Exporter/Transformer which creates "All Purpose XML" and a full featured flip page eBook HTML web site with a single mouse click.

Output Formats:

  • Flip Page eBook as XML and HTML
  • Article List as XML and HTML
  • XML Tree
  • expandable with your own dedicated XSL transformation, JAVA libraries, JavaScript to adjust the output exactly fitting your application

Main Features:

  • Full-Text Search on multiple issues and on PDF ads
  • Active clickable links to shops, web-sites, internal pages, email addresses and more
  • Creates article groups including linked images
  • Exports scalable images as JPEG, GIF or PNG for the web applications
  • Export two different sizes of the same image
  • Export images from original or like cropped and shown in InDesign
  • Exports PDFs from whole documents and single pages
  • Adjustable with external CSS and JavaScript
  • Tool to upload exported data to a web server
  • Tool to create and load the full-text search database
  • osCommerce shop connection (optional)
  • … and more …

New in this Version:

  • Improved article components (boxes) sorting
  • Simplifyed management of web site look and feel via CSS
  • Additional PDF export options
  • Many new attributes in PRO version
  • Windows version with Installer
  • Improved image and PDFs export (rotated images)
  • Increased performance for table exports
  • Specify Image sizes as a scale factor, fixed width or height in pixel
  • The second (usually the larger) image is shown when clicking on the first image. This behaviour can be adjusted
  • Sharpen, adjust brightness and contrast and around 30 other effects for exported JPEGs
  • Mark boxes and images which should not be exported (like background boxes or adds)
  • Export of InDesign Text Variables
  • Improved handling of rotated objects and table borders
  • … and many other new features
  • and some bug fixes


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