DSV PHP Editor 3.1.0

Dmitrijs Volkovs
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DSV PHP Editor 3.1.0

DSV PHP Editor is a  program for creating, editing and debugging  PHP scripts, HTML, CSS, Java Script and SQL pages. Editor is designed specif ically for PHP development; it is comfortable both for beginners and experienced programmers. Has auto complete,  PHP function parameters hints, built-in HTTP server, open/save and preview files to/from FTP, code explorer, project manager with local and remote view, publish project or publish selected project files to FTP options, upload local directory to FTP option, search and replace in files utility,  ‘on mouse over’ help hints for PHP functions, one-click run, debug and syntax check, quick insertion of PHP functions, code templates/snippets , clipboard monitoring, To Do list, F1 PHP, HTML and CSS help support, MySQL explorer and MySQL query builder.


  • PHP scripts, HTML, XML, Java Script, CSS, SQL Syntax Highlighting
  • MySQL explorer and MySQL query builder 
  • Advanced source code editor with code folding support
  • Built-in FTP Client
  • Direct edit/open/save and preview files from FTP
  • Code Explorer
  • Project manager
  • Publish project to FTP
  • Upload local directory to FTP
  • File browser
  • Snippets/Code templates
  • Clipboard monitoring 
  • One-click run, debug and syntax check
  • Quick insertion of PHP functions
  • Possibility to export the source code to HTML and print it with syntax highlighting
  • Bookmarks
  • Tabbed milti-document interface
  • PHP (online or offline), HTML and CSS F1 Help support
  • Customizable Key mapping
  • Windows/Unix/Mac file formats support
  • Unicode support


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