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Dynamic HTML Editor 5.5

Dynamic HTML Editor is a powerful HTML (website design) Editor that permits you to create your site in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment using both CSS and/or tabled layouts. Dynamic HTML Editor’s design emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. You’ll find that you can create great looking websites almost instantly with virtually no learning curve!


  • 100% WYSIWYG, no need to know HTML/XHTML code: Dynamic HTML Editor is a WEB page editor 100% WYSIWYG, simply play with your mouse and create pages compatible with all browsers (W3C compliant code)!
  • No need for other software: You can edit and rotate/resize images, apply 55+ effects, create shapes, apply stencils to images, manage transparency, create stylesheets, slide shows, publish your site to the internet in a click
  • Reuse your work: You can import pre-made HTML pages into Dynamic HTML Editor in a very simple way!
  • Templates: Dynamic HTML Editor includes quality templates and there is a section in this site where you can find some others
  • Dynamic Web Page Creation: You can create beautiful menus, rollover-rollclick effects, play/stop music, launch javascript functions and much more!

New in this Version:

  • Extension Builder:
    • Added the ability to export an extension file only if it doesn’t exist
    • Added some other options to the Extension Builder Panel (ability to copy and paste a parameter, ability to export an attached file only if it doesn’t exist, ability to specify the Image Gallery columns used by the XSL processor)
    • Added the ability to modify "on the fly" a text file embedded in the Extension Builder
    • The export of files attached and/or created from extensions has been optimized
  • Editor:
    • Added Validation for Input fields (in the form properties panel)
    • Added ASP/PHP/JS/HTML code highlight in the HTML editor
    • Enhanced management when adding/saving files for the project
    • The styles declaration has been moved over the scripts declaration so the page should load faster than before
    • Added the ability to get a copy of the HTML code associated to a label (in the label editor)
    • Added the "Create nice HTML code" in the "Page Export" and "Project Options" dialogs
    • Added the ability to use the RSS object for linking existing RSS files
    • Added the ability to export RSS files in the root path of your site
    • Added the ability to export Attachments (generic objects, audio, etc…) to a "custom" folder
    • Added the ability to drag images from the Project Explorer directly into the page
    • Added "Preload Images" property in GfxCanvas and GfxMenu objects
    • Enhanced the "Page Icon" management
    • Added the ability to sort grid data in the FTP Explorer panel
    • Enhanced the speed in the Publish Project window
    • ".dhe inserted file" objects now can be moved into the page and restored into their original position using the Batch Manager
    • Added the ability to select multiple points in a polygon (with SHIFT+Click) and move them using the mouse or the keyboard and enhanced the precision when moving them
    • Fix: when closing the project and pressing a function key the program hangs up
    • Fix: the link in the Form processor didn’t get resolved


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