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Hide My IP

Did you know your IP address is exposed every time you visit a website? Your IP address is your online identity and could be used by hackers to break into your computer, steal personal information, or commit other crimes against you. Hide My IP is a software that will let you surf anonymously, change your IP address, guard against hacker intrusions and prevent identity theft.

Features :

  • Easily Conceal Your IP Address – How does it work? Simply put, a proxy IP address creates a connection between your computer to the destination website. Click here to read how it works.
  • Anonymous Web Surfing – Protect your privacy! Websites will see a fake IP that resolves to a random computer often hundreds or thousands of miles away from your real location!
  • 100% Compatible With Firefox – Works in both Firefox and Internet Explorer, all automatically! No difficult install steps or settings to fiddle with.
  • Protect Your Identity – Identity thieves can use your IP addresses to compromise your computer. Installing keyloggers, Trojans, and other tools to aid their crime. Stop them at the source by hiding your IP!
  • Stop Hackers – Stop hackers at the door! Without an IP address hackers lack an entry point to your computer. Keeping your personal information safe.
  • Send Anonymous Emails – Prevent your real IP address from being placed in the headers of web-based email. HTTP mail in outlook such as Hotmail and MSN are both supported!
  • Un-ban Yourself From Forums, Blogs, Etc… – By faking your IP you can often access many sites you were banned from. Combine with Cookie Crumbler for the most effectiveness.

What's New

  • Windows 7 Support, Select IP by Country and City.


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