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HTML Link Validator 4.51

Html Link Validator is a tool for checking web pages for broken links on web server, on your local computer, Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator favorites, internet shortcuts. It can validate thousands HTML documents at once.

When validating pages and sites which are on web server, somewhere in the Internet, Validator behaves as a fully automated, multithreaded, link-following, webspider, which give you full report on links found in all scanned files and pages. You need only specify starting adress.

If your files are located on your local computer: Just double-click on a folder with your HTML files and Validator will find all HTMLs in this folder and all subfolders, creates the file list, marks files with errors, displays links in convenient format, allow you to edit them. It even can find and validate at once all HTMLs on your hard drive. Most important, unlike some other validators, HTML Link Validator checks filenames CASE SENSITIVELY.

Very easy to use – color coded dots allow you quickly fix files with broken links among thousands documents.


  • Checks many remote and local links simultaneously, validates many documents at once and generates detailed error report for any bad link
  • Validates Internet Explorer Favorites and Netscape Navigator Favorites
  • Validates internet shortcuts
  • Checks links in SSI directives.
  • Very easy to use – color coded dots allow you quickly fix files with broken links among thousands documents.
  • It can validate links in MS Access databases and save reports as MS Access tables.
  • Lowercase tool allow convert any file name (or even all filenames in a folder at once) or any link in your html files to lowercase…
  • Can create List of files accessible from the starting address, List of all files in website directories, List of orphaned files
  • Very easy to use…
  • Can generate several report types:
    • Full Report
    • Bad Links Report
    • List of Checked Files Report
    • List of Redirected Links Report


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