Inspyder InSite 3.0

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Inspyder InSite 3.0

InSite is a website spell checker and link validation tool. It’s easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle complex sites. InSite is affordable, feature rich and can check your entire site in seconds.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to Use — Just enter your website’s URL and go!
  • Improve Customer Experience — Increase sales and visitor confidence in your site by eliminating spelling mistakes and broken links.
  • Save Time and Money — Stop wasting time checking your site page by page. Check your entire site at once and get right to the mistakes.
  • No Monthly Fees — InSite has a one-time cost ($59.95 per user-license), no matter how many sites or how many pages you check.
  • Scheduled Reports — Configure InSite to run automatically and get a daily, weekly or monthly report emailed to you.
  • Site-wide Word Counting — When translating a website, an accurate word count can mean the difference between on-time delivery or an over-budget fiasco. InSite provides a fast way to accurately count the words on your entire site.
  • Keyword Analysis — If you’re optimizing your site or just plain curious, InSite’s keyword density analysis can give you useful feedback on your website’s content and design.


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