iWebFilter 2.0

Parental control software
3.2 MB
Operating System
Windows Server Windows Vista Windows Xp
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iWebFilter is a full-featured parental control / web filter software which allows you to restrict or block access to unwanted web content. You can selectively block access to unhealthy content by kids such as web pages related to porn, violence, drugs. You can also block access to specific web sites by a predefined black list. iWebFilter supports the following important features for parental control and web filtering:

  • Filter network traffic going to all kinds of internet software such as web browser, email client, instant messengers.
  • Specify the time period when internet access is allowed through a time table.
  • The amount of internet traffic can be capped by setting traffic limit
  • Get instant notifications when attempt to access restricted websites is detected.
  • Detailed logs and reports are provided for internet usage based on different users and different programs.
  • A large built-in database to block content related to porn, nudity, sex, drugs, violence automatically.
  • Internet access can be restricted for user-specified web addresses, internet ports and programs.

iWebFilter is ideal for parents who want to protect their children from exposure to harmful web content. It is also well designed and fully loaded with powerful and customized features to be installed on the computers inside professional environments such as libraries, corporate offices, etc.


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