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Multi-Browser Viewer
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Multi-Browser Viewer

Multi-Browser Viewer also has a built in HTML validator and auto-correct feature, to make it easy to resolve errors. For a more comprehensive test you can test using 16 standalone browsers alongside each other, including IE6, 7 and 8. The only way you can really test functionality like Javascript and Ajax as well as look and feel.

Features of Multi-Browser Viewer

  • Take full page screenshots of a URL in more than 40 browsers and download them locally onto your machine.
  • Save a copy of the HTML source code locally in TXT format.
  • Save a copy of the URL in MHT (HTML arcive format) for future page comparison.
  • Built in HTML Validation using the latest W3C standards.
  • Auto-Correct HTML errors accroring to preferences/settings that the user specifies.
  • Full proxy internet connection support to access sites from behind a corporate network
  • By default all screenshots are taken at 1024 pixels wide
  • All screenshot images are saved in PNG format in a time stamped folder under "My DocumentsMulti-Browser Viewer"



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