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Reliable Load Tester

Reliable Load Tester automates load and stress testing of
Internet / Intranet sites and services. The application supports two
modes of operation: load and stress testing through submission of a
pre-defined number of HTTP GET requests, load and stress testing
through HTTP GET request submission performed for a pre-defined number
of seconds, minutes, hours, etc. Reliable Load Tester allows testers to
simulate pre-defined number of concurrent users / HTTP connections and
to introduce specific delay between each consecutive HTTP GET request.
In addition to this, the application permits logging of HTTP responses
generated by the tested URI to CSV (Comma Separated Values) files and
automatically persists most recently used log directory path.


  • Perform web server load testing
  • Perform web server stress testing
  • Perform website load testing
  • Perform website stress testing
  • Perform web page load testing
  • Perform web page stress testing
  • Perform web service load testing
  • Perform web service stress testing
  • Perform HTTP load testing
  • Perform HTTP stress testing
  • Perform web application load testing
  • Perform web application stress testing


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