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ScriptCase 5.00

Scriptcase PHP Generator is a powerful tool to increase web development productivity. Scriptcase PHP Generator runs directly in the browser enabling web application collaborative development. It supports most databases available generating highly customizable PHP code and of easy maintenance. Scriptcase PHP Generator is easy to learn and simple to use yet it generates sophisticated attractive applications saving time and increasing profits.


  • Forms: ScriptCase generates CRUD(CreateUpdateDelete) applications in a few clicks, it is also possible to add custom code to handle business rules and special validation routines.
  • Dynamic web reports :ScriptCase provides a dynamic way to show data: detailed, grouped, agregated and many other ways with automatically calculated fields.
  • Searching, sorting and browsing :ScritpCase allows the final user to search, sort and browse data dynamically. It is possible to create search pages to use with grids and forms.
  • Charts and Chart Builder: ScriptCase automatically creates charts from your report’s groups and totals, the final user can dinamicaly modify several chart’s attributes, like type, colors , size …
  • Master/Detail: ScriptCase provides a visual way to create in a few clicks master/detail forms and reports using Ajax, transaction control and data integrity verification are automatically created.
  • Custom code, macros and libraries: Applications generated with ScriptCase can be easily extended by adding custom code or by using any of the available ScriptCase macros.
  • Menus: Create dynamic horizontal and tree menus in a visual way to call other applications.
  • JQUERY support: Thickbox to display images in original size and JQuery pop-up links – Intelisense, optimizing the auto-complete AJAX and filters on the forms. In addition to the components introduced in this new version you can use all the power of jQuery to enhance generated applications.
  • CONTAINER Application: Allows you to create pages in panel style which can be attached to several applications such as tables, queries, forms and external pages.
  • Internationalization :Generated applications have complete Internationalization support. Date and currency fields are dinamically modified at run time, labels and messages also can be modified on the fly by your final users
  • And much more…


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