Webpage Thumbnail Creator 1.2

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Webpage Thumbnail Creator 1.2

Webpage Thumbnail Creator is a software that helps you to convert your local HTML, MHTML or TEXT files to images, capture websites screenshot from any URL, generate thumbnails of web pages, get website list from a remote server, send thumbnail list to a remote server via HTTP POST. It supports JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP  image formats. It can generate thousands of images in a multi threaded batch mode without your intervention. It is as easy as to enter the list of websites, web page URLs, list from remote server or local path of your HTML or MHTML files and Webpage Thumbnail Creator will go to work creating all your images automatically.

Key Features:

  • Convert HTML or MHTML files to images.
  • Capture full size screenshots of websites.
  • Generate webpages thumbnails.
  • Send thumbnails to a remote server automatically, with unlimited parameters.
  • Works in background, web page(s) doesn’t need to be displayed or kept active to capture.
  • Works in multi threaded batch mode, which enables to capture multiple web pages at a time.
  • Supports JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP image formats.
  • Supports JPEG quality (compression) percent.
  • Supports capturing site with flash content.
  • Supports delayed snapshot of website.


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