YourOwnNewsMaker 1.3

What is YourOwnNewsMaker?

YourOwnNewsMaker is
a simple application was written on Qt4/C++ licensed on GPLv3. It
allows you to grab rss and atom feeds and just simple web-pages and
covert them to pdf or fb2 files.

do I need this application?

If you want to reed news
offline using your e-book reader or just from the paper or if you want
to create a nice book from several html pages you have to convert your
content to some readable and printable format. Most e-book readers
supports pdf, and pdf format allows to print the content on the paper
easily. Also there are lot’s of applications for mobile devices which
supports fb2 format. So I do not see any need in supporting any other

What application supported platforms?

works on Windows and Linux systems. On Linux it requires qt libraries.

can I do if I do not like fb2 or pdf format?

You can
easily convert from fb2 format to any other using Calibre application,
it’s also allows to upload your books to e-book readers.

are the main features of YourOwnNewsMaker application?

of any rss, atom feeds. The feed’s content is taken from the original
web-page linked in feed’s item. So You always get full content with
images. Supporting convert from simple web-pages. This allows you to
create your own books from the content you want. If you have lot’s of
links you could import them using text file. Simple GUI Wizard for
creating parsing rules for web-pages. No need to know regular
expressions, just use wizard. Scheduler. Update your rss and atom feeds
in background.


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