MagicBeamer 1.2

4.9 MB
Operating System
Windows All
Wireless Networking

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With MagicBeamer you can transfer any information or advertisment to a mobile phone or PDA. It’s even possible to sell products or create prize games! And all that 24/7, all year long and through walls and shopping windows. The transfer of the data is done with Bluetooth(TM) technology. Your advantage: no transfer fees of any kind! It doesn’t matter, whether you reach 100 or 100.000 customers. No matter what information you offer for download, the transmission is always free.

Just it yourself with the costs of textmessaging or snailmail and you will soon see that the MagicBeamer is not only an extremely effective marketing tool, but also much cheaper. All you pay is the order-price and you will get everything you need to inform, advertise and sell your products around the clock. No more expensive or ineffective scattered marketing! With MagicBeamer you have your own little marketing department and reach customers where they always should be reachable; close to your business, ready to make the decision to purchase your service or product.

MagicBeamer will be delivered complete and ready-to-go. Just plug it in and enter the files of your choosing and your customers can use the MagicBeamer right away.

With this service your customers can download any prepared information, if they see a product/service they are interested in. The transmission of the data works with Bluetooth through shopping windows and walls 24 hours each day. MagicBeamer enables you to offer your customers any catalogs or brochures, registering for a last minute trip to Hawaii or simply leave their contact data and all of it after the stores are closed.


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