How to embed text into your picture

It is often useful to "draw" a text in a picture. Whether to draw the reader’s attention on a specific point without degrading the image, or to "sign" a line, in other words, incorporating his name in image by making it difficult to remove. For this, we will use, free software especially complete. To create the legend, we use the technique of layers, which we will not change the original image.

Add a text layer

Start and open your image.

  • If the Layers window is not displayed, do the show via the Window menu, Layers or press F7. Do the same to display the colors in the Layers window, click Add a new layer.
  • A line Layer 2 appears in the window layers. By keeping it selected, pull down the Layers menu, Layer Properties and rename the caption.

Select text attributes

Select the Text tool and then in the toolbar, select the features of your text: font, size, typographic enhancements.

  • To determine the color, click a color in the Color window. The upper left of this window has two tones: the primary color (the characters) and the secondary color (not used for the Text tool).
  • The two small square placed at the bottom left allows you to instantly select the color white as primary and secondary color as black.

Type your caption

Enter the text of your caption.

  • A small square appears on the bottom right of the box. By moving the square, you can position the legend at the desired location.
  • Click anywhere in the rest of the image to validate the inclusion of the legend.

Adjust the position

As your caption is a full layer, you can easily move, rotate or zoom.

  • To do this, open the Layers menu, Rotate / zoom. To move the text in the image, drag the reticule placed in the square Panoramic. Caution: make slow movements: the software often reacts with a few moments late.
  • The scale Zoom lets you enlarge or reduce the text size. Finally, with the left circle, you can rotate the legend. When you are finished, click OK.

Opaqueness Reduce

Your legend covers the background image. We will make it more discreet in increasing its transparency.

  • To do this in the Layers window, select the layer legend. Click the Properties button and move the Opacity slider to the left until the text appears only as a watermark.
  • Click OK to confirm.

Save image

Your image is composed of two layers. To finally incorporate the legend in your photo, you must merge the two layers into one.

  • To do this, open the Layers menu, Merge the layer below. It’ll just save the image under a new name so as not to destroy the original photograph!.


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