How to add a viewer to the site

Share documents with your visitors and allow them to view them.

Subscribe to the service

On the homepage of, click the Sign Up link at the top right.

1. Enter an e-mail address in the "Email Address" field, a user name in
the "Create Username" field (if you use a username that is already
taken then the site informs you) and a password in the "Create
Password" field.

2. Click the Sign Up button. The next page prompts you to enter personal information, all optional: just click the Skip button.

The service sends you an e-mail: click on the link provided to confirm your account.

Select your documents

Click on the Upload button and then on the next page, click on the button to choose files.

In the window that appears, select the documents to send, to send
several at once, click on their name by pressing Ctrl or Shift key
pressed (Shift or Apple key on Mac) and then click Open.
accepts files created with Microsoft Office including the 2007 version
(DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPS, PPT, PPTX), those created with StarOffice
or OpenOffice.Org (SXW, SXC, SXI, ODT, ODP …) files, PDF, RTF and TXT
files and PostScript (PS) and Tiff.

Send the files

Once your files are selected, the site displays a checklist. In the
"Edit title" field, you can change the title of the document to make it
more understandable (default is the file name without extension).

Check the "Make Private" check box if you do not want other users of
the site to view your files (by default, they are indexed and readable
by all).

Then tick "By checking this box, I agree…" then click "Upload docs"
to transfer files on the servers of the site. When the transfer is
completed, you are directed to a page that allows you to add keywords
and descriptions for each file: go to the next stage by clicking the
"Skip to My Docs".

Submit your documents

After the transfer to the server, each document is converted to iPaper,
a format specifically developed by Scribd. Warning: Following this
operation, PowerPoint presentations become static (with no music or
transitions or animations) and Excel tables of large size may lose
their original formatting (blocks of cells can be found on another
page, as when printing).

  • To
    advertise on your site or blog a document sent with its viewer, view
    the list of files by clicking on "My Docs", click the "Share" link
    located under the heading of the document in the window that appears,
    click on the "Copy" button next to the field "Embed code".
  • Now paste this code into the HTML editor with which you make your web pages or in the field of creating a new topic to blog.

If your blog is based on WordPress platform, you need to copy the code
provided on the online "WordPress Embed Code". You can also prohibit
the downloading of your document: so click on "My Docs", check the box
next to the desired documents, open the "More Actions" menu entitled to
the "Disabled downloads" and click "Apply".


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