SIMS 3 Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats & Guide

The Sims" is the most best-selling computer game in the world - and not only that, hardly anyone spends so much time in the virtual world as a "Sims" fan. And for good reason: The exciting story is well known writes the life and the same is the model for the pixel world. In the gallery, and in the text, you will find many tips and tricks for a successful start to their Sims' lives.

With the 'Sims' Will Wright created the most successful game series - more than 100 million copies wandered over the counter. "The Sims 3 follows" the same principle as its predecessors: You run your pixel I through life, fall in love, raise a family, build a house and go to work - after all, the virtual life will also be financed. As in the real world consumes about a career in the computer world quite a lot of time and there remain only a few moments for the finer things in life. In contrast to the reality you have in "The Sims 3" the possibility of everyday life with a simple trick to escape.

With the cheat codes you have your pixel I enjoy life to the fullest. Giant TVs, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and luxurious villa is located just a few keyboard clicks. Read to move in the gallery, including how to get rid of your worries about money, goods or unlock clothes.

With The Sims 3 is one of the most successful game franchises of all time continues. With its open neighborhood, features, and many developed a new system of targets and traits The Sims wants to top 3 shows the success of its predecessors again.



Tips for a Beginner 

I would always start as a single, it's easiest and you have to worry so much as a person. If you then once successful in your career and you're a lot of money and you are then once again like to start a family the best of the possibility of a game to complete successfully. PS: I would let the person always practicing chess, expand the computer the ability to write and read many books. If you are looking for a girlfriend, I would always first ask the person whether he / she is not married, if you like it or flirt turn on, you've screwed it right with the person.

Formula for Success rating - Be sure to pay attention to the needs of your Sims. If your man is satisfied pixels, this has a positive impact on all areas of life. They learn quickly and professionally things are moving forward. The success formula is: Eating Enough vigorously sleep, and good hygiene. Keep these factors are always at a high level, then quickly collect points, which you translate into usable power. The fulfillment of desires does not harm it.

Catering also be shopping at your sim a good mood. You need a car in Sunset Valley, although not, but the fresh new-car smell makes for true emotional flights. Generally, the more expensive a