Create music on iPhone and iPod Touch

Using an iPhone or iPod Touch to create music, is reasonable? We found section that is full of applications that will transform mobile devices into virtual piano, analog synthesizer, or even multi-track recorder!

The iPod being a simple audio player, but the U2 inadvertently predicted the evolution of the iPod to multiple uses, including as an music instrument. Thus, since the opening of the App Store, an impressive number of music applications have emerged, taking advantage of the features of the iPhone and iPod Touch such as touch screen multi-points, microphone or simply the small size of the device, suitable for mobile use. This virtual instruments, drum machines, sequencers, recorders or tools needed for musicians was to make a selection from several types of use: accompaniment, composition, recording or simply entertainment.

The multi-point touch screen of the iPhone and iPod Touch makes them ideal candidates to unleash the creativity of music developers: one size piano chords, pinched guitar strings, tapping in rhythm on percussion are all potential uses. It is surely no coincidence that one of the first applications unveiled during the presentation of the SDK for iPhone Band was a small program involving a piano, drums and blues arrangements. Since dozens of instruments have now emerged so far.

Pianos and keyboards :

There are applications that you can use to view a piano with keyboard on a screen of iPhone or iPod Touch which is particularly suitable for such use. However, it seems difficult to display more than one octave in acceptable proportions to the fingers and of course, lack of physical contact promotes the wrong notes. Regarding the piano, you can turn to such application called MiniPiano. Many virtual instruments are available for iPhone and iPod Touch, including some virtual pianos. Unlike many of its competitors, Mini Piano is completely free.

Download MiniPiano for iPhone and iPod Touch

Guitar, bass, drums for your iPhone and iPod Touch :

Now for something serious and form a rock band including a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer, we have got another application. IShred displays the 6 strings of a guitar and a set of 10 pads. These may be associated with predefined agreements that you will then only play in "pinching" the strings.

Download iShred for iPhone and iPod Touch (requires iTunes)

A good rock band also needs a bassist. This role will be filled very well by the excellent MooCowMusic Bassist. Bassist is just like the other software editor, an instrument interface very delightful and playful. The application offers two modes of play: the "hammer on" which is in direct support of a loop to make a sound or a more classic way is to press the fret with a finger and scrape the rope with the other. The options allow you to choose the number of strings (4 or 5), the number of hoops or play slap.

Download Bassist for iPhone and iPod Touch (requires iTunes)

Regarding the drumming, there are many applications, among which we can advise Kanondrum, which on one hand is free, and offers other interface quite well done, to combine sounds more easily. Thus, you can leave your finger on the bass drum and start banging the drum, which has the effect of triggering the two sounds simultaneously. A look at the screenshot might suggest that lack of evidence, but it is not: the two cymbals are divided into two parts: open and closed to the left and cymbal crash and "ride" on the right. The application also offers a little fun: a series of famous riffs played in a loop to accompany you. You can also launch a prior title of your iPod and try to play over.

Download Kanondrum for iPhone and iPod Touch (requires iTunes)

Conclusion :

In a year of existence, the App Store has many creativity appliactions of many publishers and independent developers. Any music lover should be sensitive to the quality of these instruments, which will obviously not be usable in a pro or semi-pro way, but are very funny when it is done well.

Other music applications, without affecting the comfort of using their desktop equivalents, we were surprised by their choices: they can think clearly not making an album from Beatmaker or Fourtrack. However, these tools can be very effective as a notepad: have at its disposal a drum machine, mini programmable synthesizer or a 4 tape tracks in your pocket might render valuable services and avoid missing the melody or beat that we can imagine. The iPhone and iPod Touch devices remain at very modest capabilities compared to a PC or a Mac. Accordingly, it is not uncommon to encounter problems of latency or stall full of sound (found in iShred when multiple effects are enabled).


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